Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hedge Maze

I got a groupon to do a hedge maze in Mt. Vernon.  That is quite the drive for us so we left early Saturday so we weren't walking around in the heat.  Good thing we did too because when we got there they said we were supposed to reserve a spot but since we were so early they let us in anyway.  It was nice and cool and we were the only ones in the maze for a while.
I've done several corn mazes before but never a hedge maze.  I really liked it.  They were taller and thicker than any corn mazes I've done before.  There is no way to see over or through any of the rows.
 And they had little stops to check off on your papers.  Some had questions and facts about berries.
This maze had a fun slide in the middle.  I did think it would be bigger but every one loved it anyway.  Penelope was very scared but she did it ok.  After we went down once we had to find our way back to go down again.  It took us quite a while so after the second time we let everyone just climb up it so they could go down multiple times.  There wasn't really any one else there to get upset.

The maze was kinda hard.  For the first half we just followed the kids around and let them decide where to go. But when we were ready to be done it took a bit of work to find the way out.  We even looked at the map and struggled.  That was half the fun!

Once out they had a little rope maze for the kids.  Everyone did really well so we celebrated with ice cream at McDonalds.  My parents even came out and did it with us!
On the way home we stopped at the bug museum.  The kids each got their face painted.  They also got to hold a snake!  Somehow my pictures of the snake disappeared :(  It was funny because Tucker was hesitant but did it with no problem.  Then Penelope was very hesitant but she wanted to do it because Tucker did.  Then while she was holding the snake the snake moved and she was done.  But Scarlett ran right up and was practically taking the snake from the guy with no fear at all.

It was another busy but fun Saturday!

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Talitha said...

looks like a fun day! Wish I could have came with!