Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lego Head Party Favor Tutorial

As party favors for the Lego movie birthday party I decided to make my own lego heads out of baby food jars.  We drew on faces from the movie and filled them with lego candy building blocks.  They were very easy and fun to make.  I like how they turned out.  Here is the DIY Lego head party favor tutorial using baby food jars.

Materials Needed:
baby food jars
yellow spray paint
black permeant markers
lego building block candy

1) The first step is to eat baby food.  Seriously, we bought stuff my one-year-old would eat and fed him a lot of these for two days.  Then I ran them through the dishwasher and peeled the paper and sticky stuff off.  Some of the sticky gunk was hard to get off but I just soaked them in hot water and scrubbed with a rag and it wasn't too difficult to get off.

2) Next I laid them out upside down and spray painted the bottom and sides.  I also laid out the tops and spray painted them.  Do not get very much paint onto where the top screws on.  It makes it hard to put the lids on when they are painted.  You might even want to just spray paint the entire thing with the lid on.

3) Then put the lids on (if you haven't already) and spray as many more coats as you need.  Make sure the lids are on so you don't get any of the insides painted.

4) Open them up and fill them with candy.  The only place I could find the lego building block candy was in the bulk section of Winco.  Or online, but I didn't have time to buy it online.

5) Lastly draw your faces on and you are done!  I picked faces from the movie.  I also did a pencil first.
Later during the party I let each of the kids pick one and draw their own face on the back.  The kids loved it!  Just be careful because the paint does scratch off the jars pretty easily.


Lorraine Butler said...

Really cute, Doranda.

Talitha said...

love'em! very cute!