Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Nature Walk

There are so many summer events to take the kids to this year it is hard to pick and choose.  I don't want to have things scheduled every day so I'm just taking the kids to my favorites.  One is the clear creek trail nature walks.  Each week is different but this time they started out in the building where they read books about nature.  Then they had a little interactive display where they learned about the echo system.

The start for us was pretty rough because Penelope dropped a little bead in the grass and we couldn't fine it.  She cried for an hour about it.  I even had to take her out of story time because she was being too loud.  I was upset because I didn't want to leave the other kids or take them out with me.
 Next they went outside and got to see all kinds of tiny bugs that lived in this water pot.
Then the nature walk.  They kids each got a little booklet with pictures of things they needed to find in it.  It was the perfect way to get them all involved.  They really loved looking around for everything.

I love that I'm home and can take the kids to fun things like this.  Things where we can get outside and learn about the world we live in are the best!

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