Thursday, July 10, 2014

Spokane Trip and Grilled Cheese

Bob's brother, Ben, wants to open up a gourmet grilled cheese restaurant called Grandma B's Grilled Cheese.  So while hanging out with him he made a few sandwiches for us.  They were delicious!  I especially loved his tomato basil, apple bacon, and donut s'more sandwiches.  Its going to be hard for me to go back to a regular grilled cheese after eating his.  Check out the macaroni and grilled cheese.
This next one is a picture of the apple bacon.  It also had white cheddar cheese and caramelized onions on it.  Just thinking about it makes me wonder why I had a hot pocket for lunch.

It was pretty warm...ok very hot, in Spokane so the kids cooled off with otter pops.  I didn't want to get Leon's shirt dirty so we just took it off.
He was so exhausted because he missed all his naps.
On the way home we stopped at a rest stop with wind mills.  We couldn't get too close, but the kids really liked watching them spin around and around.  Bob wants to make his own.

It was fun to visit family over the weekend.  My sister comes over here all the time so we rarely drive out to see her, but it was a nice change.  And the kids especially loved spending time with their cousins.

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