Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tucker Birthday Photography

On June 21st 2014 Tucker turned 7!  Tucker is still a very active little boy.  Everything he does is at %100.  Weather it is running around the house or begging me not to make him empty the dishwasher Tucker is nonstop.  Even when he says he is so tired and he needs a break it only lasts for about 30 seconds and I think he just says that for attention.  Playing with Tucker sometimes is like a roller coaster, he is either really happy or really upset.  Obviously this isn't the case all the time but it sure does feel like it.
Tucker is very imaginative.  He is always making up stories and playing pretend different toys, or siblings.  For example, he had a little magnifying glass that he was pretending was a camera.  All day he had us smiling for "pictures."  Then he even takes it to school and insists to everyone that it is a camera.  He could care less if they think he is acting weird, he only gets upset when they refuse to acknowledge that it is a camera and won't pose for a picture.
Tucker doesn't care at all what he looks like.  Playing is way more important to him.  Every morning he puts on whatever is fastest and he gets upset if I make him turn his shirt around because it is backward.  I've seen him at school wearing his backpack around class on the front.  One time he had to bring his helmet to school because they were roller skating in P.E. and he insisted on wearing to school instead of putting it in his backpack like everyone else.   I try to be as supportive of this as possible, by letting him choose what he wears (unless it backward, dirty, or really really bad).  I think it helps him develop his self esteem and confidence.  I kinda like that he doesn't care what he looks like.  It makes my life easier and it just feels like he still hasn't grown up yet. 
Tucker is very touchy feely.  If you know anything about the five love languages then you will understand when I say his primary love language is touch.  Well, that and quality time.  He is always giving me hugs or rubbing my arm or playing with my hair.  He wants to sit on my lap or lay next to each other on the couch to watch tv.  It's a little hard for me to get used to (and its not just me he does it to Bob too) but I am trying.  His favorite games are ones that include wrestling on the floor or tickling.

As far as quality time goes, Tucker always wants us to play games with him.  He demands way more attention than any of my other kids.  
Tucker has done great in school this year and really learned a lot.  He can now read easy chapter books with minimal help (depending on the book).  I think he has the hardest time slowing down.  Sometimes I will listen to him read by himself but out loud and he will say words that aren't even words but just go on.  That shows what his personality is like.  Definitely not a perfectionist.  But he works very hard on his reading and I am proud of him for that.  He loves math, music, and PE and according to his teachers he excels at math and music, but he has a hard time not talking during class.  

He rarely gets in trouble in class though and only once had to miss out on recess time and that was for skipping his morning work. Actually he wouldn't skip it what happened was the teacher found out that he wasn't really trying his best and she didn't notice for like a month so when she found out he was supposed to redo them all.  For part of their morning work they were supposed to answer the question and write about it.  For example one paper said "The thing I'm most afraid of is..." and then Tucker wrote "I'm not afraid of anything."  "Or my favorite thing about school is..."  "Nothing."  They were all like that for a few weeks.  It was hard for me not to laugh.
I'm so happy that Tucker is part of our family.  I know things would be so different in our family if Heavenly Father didn't send him to me 7 years ago.  I love Tucker.

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Mary-Anne said...

I can't believe he's 7! He looks so big! Happy Birthday Tucker!