Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Anniversary Gift Ideas

As you know Bob and I just celebrated our 8th anniversary.  The years keep going by so fast coming up with a gift can sometimes feel like a burden.  That is why I wanted to make a post talking about perfect anniversary gifts.

Now this isn't an all inclusive list, it's just a few things I like.  I am big into gifts that are meaningful. If I can tell the giver put some thought into the present that makes it ten times better.  I also love photography and not spending a lot of money.

Here are a few of my favorites, a few from my past and hopefully some from the future (hint hint).

1. Anniversary Card- I'm not talking about a boring run of the mill card you pick up at the grocery store.  If you go here and have a look they have tons of anniversary cards where you can upload your own pictures to make it unique.  Just write a meaningful and personal message inside and you have a great gift to either add on to something else or stand alone.

2. Iphone case- It seems like everyone these days has a smart phone so what better then a new case it your picture on it?  They have some really cute designs that would not only make your phone stand out but look amazing at the same time.  The thing I like about this gift idea is that it will actually get used.  So often it seems like presents get put up on the shelf and ignored but this is something that will get used day in and day out.
3. Photobook- One of my favorites.  Think about making one with pictures of the last year together.  Or maybe one with your wedding pictures that never get looked at.  We have given these as gifts several times and they are always a big hit.  Go here to check them out.

4. Photo pillow- These photo pillows are adorable and really comfy.  You can have one made with your exact bedroom or living room colors.  Or one with a funny saying, or even a picture of you guys as a couple.  The possibilities are endless.

I think I need to email this post to my husband for our next anniversary.

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Gayle Daly said...

I love the pillow idea.