Thursday, August 21, 2014

Family Reunion Part 3

A couple birthdays happened during the reunion and for one the kids had a pirate party.  They had  piñata and obstacle course and a donut eating contest.  It was really cute and a lot of fun for the kids.
They also had  a "man challenge."  I didn't really like how it was a "man" challenge so even though I didn't win I insisted on participating.  Some of the events included treading water, swimming across the lake, arm wrestling and pushing the minivan.  I got the slowest time by about 10 seconds but I was pretty proud of myself for pushing the van all the way to the finish line (about 100 feet).

One night grandma and grandpa stayed home and watched all the grandkids so we could go to the temple.  It was the first time all of bob's siblings have been able to go together.  It was really neat.  And when we got home all the kids were sleeping!
While packing up I took a quick picture of the lake.  The water looked so calm at that moment, almost like a mirror.  The environment felt very different from what I am used to (so humid) but the lake was pretty.
Thanks grandma and grandpa Woestman for organizing and paying for the reunion we had a great time!

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