Friday, August 1, 2014

Lego Party Fun

TheLego Movie birthday party was very easy to put together and a lot of fun.  Tucker was so excited for his birthday party.  It was the day after the last day of school and he was way more excited for the party then for summer to start.  I borrowed some decorations (he isn't the first around here to have a lego party) and set up this cute lego backdrop.  And Tucker made sure to wear his only lego shirt.
They also let us use a happy birthday banner, and I threw in the streamers all on my own.  It doesn't look that fancy, but somehow it took Tucker and I hours to set up.  Probably because we had a lot of cleaning to do.  But Tucker enjoyed getting ready for the party with me.  He always wants to help out and it was one of those times when I had to slow down and let him "help."  I'm glad I did.
We had a good turn out with nine boys.  I have to say though nine was a bit much.  They were pretty rowdy and it was hard to do anything.  Although they seemed to love all the craziness.

First we had a bunch of legos out and just let everyone "build" while we waited for people to show up.  Then after a bit we cleaned up and played lego "hot and cold."  They boys took turns hiding a lego guy in the room while one boy was out of the room.  then when that boy came back everyone gave him  "hot and cold" clues to help him find it.

We were going to play another game where we let each boy blindly take a handful of legos and then they had to build something using all the pieces to make something.  But everyone was a bit crazy we had to skip it and move on.

We had pizza and then did presents.
After that was cake and ice cream  I'm glad we had nice weather because we didn't have room to feed everyone in our kitchen.  I made a fun lego cake that I will post more on soon.
Somehow all of that only lasted an hour so we played outside with the boys while just a couple at a time made a craft inside.
They boys got to decorate their own lego head out of baby food jars (I'll post more on this later too).
Then more playing outside until parents came.
I'm glad Tucker had a good time at the party.  I had a headache and was exhausted, but I'm happy the kids liked it.

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Talitha said...

Looks like it was a super fun party. Your suchva great mom!