Friday, September 19, 2014

Leon's 18 Month Photography

Leon has been growing so fast and we always talk about how he is such a little man.  He is always acting like he is much older than he really is.  Balls and cars are his favorite things right now.  It seems like he is always walking around ready to throw something while his face, hands, and feet are covered in dirt.  Not to mention how beefy his hands and feet are.  He has been growing out of shoes like crazy these past months.  And he is already in a 6, which seems huge because Scarlett is in an 8.
We went out to a local park for this photo shoot and he did a really good job.  I think I've almost done too many pictures with all the kids (is it possible?) because he would follow the girls wherever they went and line up next to them then turn and smile at me.  It was cute but kind of a pain because I wanted him alone for the pictures.  So I set up the chair and sat him on it, then I instructed the girls to go away so they weren't in the shot and he would instantly get up and follow them.  Then I sent them to the chair and that sort of worked because he would follow them back.  I just had to be fast.  I was hoping that he would be stuck on the chair but that didn't work at all.  He had no problem getting on and off.
Leon is still the happiest little guy!  Sometimes we will be riding in the car and he will just start laughing for no apparent reason.  Seriously, he is rear facing and can't even see anyone.  So I will be like, "Leeeoooon, what are you laughing about?" And he will just crack up even more.
Leon is very independent.  Not in a way where he doesn't want me to help with with anything.  But in the way where he just plays by himself all day long.  He does really like to climb all over me anytime I am sitting or laying down.  But he is also very good at entertaining himself without me.  He plays just fine in the backyard with the older kids and he never comes crying to me for help like the girls often do.  If he can't do something (like the slide or swing) he just moves on like it doesn't even matter.
Leon doesn't have very many words.  In fact I think he has the same ones from when he turned one.  He says mom very clearly.  Sometimes almost too clearly.  He will pat me saying mom mom mom mom mom over and over again until I look.  He also says dad, cucker (Tucker), uh oh, and bye. And for the first time yesterday he said popo and patted his bum.  He was right because he was poopy.  I think he might be a bit behind but I'm not worried about it yet.  We will see what the doctor says.
I love this picture because he is getting ready to throw the leaves and it seems like he is always getting ready to throw something at home.  Usually a ball or a rock if we are outside.  And sometimes he does a much bigger wind up that takes a long time, sometimes makes him fall down, and is hilarious to watch.
It is crazy to me that he has blond hair.  It started out black or very dark brown and I was secretly hoping it would turn blond because that is what mine did.  I guess if he was our first born we would think it is totally normal but after three redheads he sometimes looks out of place.  I'm not sure if he will like that when he is older or not.  Time will tell.
I also love his bright blue eyes that do match the other kids.  And as my mom just pointed out to me they are much bluer than mine.
I saved my favorite picture for last.  It is such a real authentic smile.  You can even see the small dimple he has next to his right eye.  It is more obvious in person but he is the only one in our family who has it and I think it is adorable.
Leon fits in so well with our family!  I am so glad I get to be his mom!


Mary-Anne said...

He's adorable! I love his light hair. I think he looks like you! That's crazy he's in a size 6 shoe...Hannah wears a 3! Ha!

Jacquelyn said...

The pictures are great as always, you do a wonderful job!

The label for Leon getting ready to throw leaves seams to be after the picture not before like you said.

Gayle Daly said...

Scott was born with really dark hair too and then it fell out and came back really blonde. By about age 10 it started getting that dishwater blonde. Leon is a cutie!

Talia said...

Great pictures! Leon is sooo adorable!! I love the leaves and the tall grass in the pics.