Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Point No Point

While the girls were having a sleepover with my sister the boys and I went to the beach.  We have a great beach only 40 minutes away but I've only been a couple times.  For some reason I just never think about it.  It is sandy and has small waves and everything.  Not rocky and windy like other beaches closer to my house.  It's called Point No Point and it's pretty great!
 Above is a picture of tucker's sand castle.  It doesn't look that great but we didn't have any tools and there is a big moat that held the waves off for quite a bit.

I had to include this next picture because the lady who took it was kinda funny.  She kept talking about how she was going to take a picture for that "cute mom and her two kids."  I don't think she saw Bob sleeping a few yards away.  It was really relaxing to do an outing with just the boys.  I kept thinking, "so this is what it is like to have only two kids spaced out. Not bad."
 We had fun burying people.

 Leon refused to go near the water.
 I can't blame him it was freezing!
There are all these dead logs along the beach.  We must have spend half an hour walking on them with Tucker.
I think it is so important to have fun individual time with your kids.  Now if only it was easier to do!


Jacquelyn said...
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Sofia Donatelli said...

Beautiful pictures of the family.

Celebrating my blogs 2nd year.