Monday, September 1, 2014

School Open house

Last Thursday Tucker's school had a little open house.  It was a chance for the students to bring their school supplies meet their teachers and see their classrooms all before school started.  I love that they do this because I never want to wait for teacher conferences to see his classroom.  Plus it gives the kids an opportunity to see what school will be like and gets them excited.  And they always have ice cream sundaes so who doesn't love that?  Here are my kids and some friends.
Tucker goes to a very low performing school so this year we really debated sending him to a "better" school.  I want the best for my kids the tough part is just figuring out what that is.  The other school is farther away meaning more time away from home and possibly time on the bus which I wasn't thrilled about.  But I always hear good things about that school and they do way better on their tests.  In the end we decided to keep him where he was at.  I heard from several people that the second grade teachers are all great.  And think the teacher is more important then the school anyway.

Here the kids are checking out the calculators.  I waited about ten minutes for everyone else to leave because it gets hectic when we come in.  That is Tucker's teacher's back.  She seems very nice and I've only heard good things about her.  Tucker was a little sad that his best friend wasn't in his class but he did ok.  I thought he would be more upset.  The neighbor that is also his friend and we carpool with everyday is in his class so I think that helped.  
 Here is Tucker at his desk.
 So far he has loved school and I hope it continues on this year.  The first day is Wednesday.

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