Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Penelope's Family Party

A couple months before her birthday Penelope told me she didn't want me to tell her when her birthday was.  She just wanted to wake up and have balloons outside of her door.  I was surprised because before this she would ask me almost every day how much longer until her birthday.  So I didn't tell her.  It was fun because only a child can be surprised about when there birthday is.  Not just a surprise party she had no idea when her birthday was going to be.  So we set up balloons and decoraed the whole downstiars the night before when she was sleeping.  And she was really happy when she woke up and saw it all.  It was fun.

After church that day some family came over for a princess birthday party.  Penelope was Elsa.

Here is her castle princess cake.  The frosting was yummy but I made it the day before and it kind of melted.  It was so hard to make this and hide it without her noticing.  Tucker saw it and had a really hard time not giving the whole thing away.

Even the boys wore crowns.
Here are the princesses in front of the castle.

I'll post more about the castle later.  And tomorrow I'll post about her friends party.
Penelope said her favorite presents were her crowns.  She got a few and has been wearing one every day since.

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