Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Skateland Party

One of Tucker's friends had a party at Skateland and invited the whole family.  The rented out the building and we had a lot more fun then the last time we went.  I guess friends make all the difference!
It is pretty hard to get kids on skates to line up for a picture.  Notice Tucker's helmate? He insisted on wearing it for safety.  I told him he didn't have to but he said he wanted to be safe.  He was the only one wearing one in the building but he didn't care.  I'll be happy if this transfers to when he is a teenager and riding a bike.
Bob and I also skated around although I took mine off before the picture.
Scarlett and Penelope got tired after just a couple laps.  Tucker was like a machine going around and around again.  He was loving it!  They even had a few races.  Here is a friends video of Tucker in the race.  He obviously isn't the most experienced skater in the group.  But he was having a good time and was a good sport about the whole thing which is whats important.

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