Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Desk Refinish

Tucker needed his own space in our house for when Leon naps in their room.  We don't have any sort of play room for him to go hang out in.  All we have is a few extra square feet at the top of the stairs.  Just enough room for a desk... a small desk.  I've been looking for a while and found this little one for only $20.  
It was pretty beat up, but the size and price was right.  So I sanded it down a ton, repainted it and gave it knew hardware.
 I love how it turned out.
I finished the top with a polycrylic so it is very durable.  Finding these drawer pulls was so stressful.  I was in Lowes with the kids staring at all my options.  Everything was either too expensive ($5 knobs meant I doubled the price of the desk) or not what I was looking for.  The kids got bored fast and started acting up and at the same time I was getting doubly stressed because I couldn't find what i wanted.  I was going to go with a very similar knob but a rounded shape in stead of rectangle and they were $5.  I had them in my cart and everything even though I was not happy with the price and wishing for something more squared off because nothing on the desk is curved.  But while walking out I saw these perfect knobs on the wall marked with my favorite word "clearance" for only $.79 (This was a few weeks ago so that price might be off just a bit, but it was cheap).  I was so excited I rushed over and found only 3 left!  After talking to the employees and begging for them to sell me the one on the wall they said no and I was once again upset.  Luckily we called a different lowes and they had some left.  I put one on hold but when Bob went to pick it up for me they claimed they didn't know what he was talking about and he searched the store for 20 minutes only to find 8 of them left in a random bin.  And it was $3.  I didn't care I was so happy.
So far the desk has worked out great.  It looks nice in the space and now Tucker has a place to work on his homework, or read, or play legos while Leon naps.


Gayle Daly said...

It turned out perfect. I'm glad you and Bob didn't back down and you got just what you wanted!

Talia said...

I love how you finished it - those knobs are perfect! Great job Doranda!