Monday, November 3, 2014


Trick-or-treating went really well this year.  Just as we were ready to take the kids around the neighborhood it started raining a bit harder and Bob started feeling not well.  So I told him to sit down and rest and the kids and I went out alone for just about 15 minutes.  It was about 5:30, so a little early, but I really wanted to get some pictures of the kids.  It was perfect.  We went to a few houses then got in the car and drove to our wards trunk-or-treat.

Bob started feeling better right when we got there.  So he sat and passed out candy while I herded the zoo animals around.  They did really good at saying "trick-or-treat" and then "thank you."  Except every once in a while Scarlett would get excited and shout "candy."  Leon even started saying the magic words.  After that we drove back to our neighborhood and did a few more houses.

Going to houses is harder then the cars but it feels more authentic to me so I still like it.  Leon was slow up and down all the steps and there were a few houses the kids were just too scared to go to.   We set out a bowl of candy on our porch because we were gone most of the night and I don't think we got too many trick-or-treaters because when we got back most of the candy was still there.  Maybe one day when the kids are older we can decorate the house really scary and try to actually scare the kids who come around. 

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