Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Nativity

We went to the annual Christmas Nativity display in Port Orchard.  The half hour seems like a long drive but it is always worth it.  I was saying how our stake needs to do one but we could really tell they put a ton of work into it.  And Bob said it is better just to drive to it so we don't have to work on doing one ourselves.
This year we sent the kids to the kids room first and left them there while Bob and I walked around alone.  It was so nice and peaceful.  And when we came back the kids had several crafts they made.  I just want to thank the people working in the kids area, I really appreciated it.

Then we took the kids and looked around.  It was nice because Bob and I already looked we could just go at the kids pace and skip about half of them.
Then we dressed up and took the picture.  I love how Leon got to be a sheep.  But now looking at the picture I wish we were standing differently.  Oh well, I'll try to remember how I want it to look if we are in the same situation next year.
On a similar note, I bought a large Willow Tree nativity set but I already have the small 6 piece set. Now I have duplicates of that set.  If anyone local is interested in buying it send me a message.

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