Tuesday, December 9, 2014

DIY Shadowbox Nativity Tutorial

I've seen pictures of this vinyl shadowbox nativity all over pinterest and decided to make my own.  We even did it for a ward activity at church and it went really well.  We managed to do it for $12 (we did get some bulk prices) and it took less then half an hour to do.  Its just a very simple and sweet Christmas craft.

Shadowbox Nativity Tutorial

8 x 8 shadowbox frame (michaels)
Wood grain Scrapbook Paper
Fake Straw (I ripped apart a decorative wreath)
Ribbon (optional
(You can make your own but I had a custom order done here.  She did a great job and I got it very quickly and it looked perfect)

1) Cut your paper to fit into the frame.  Pretty simple.  I added a step by using colored pencils and added more woodgrain to mine.  I like how it looked better with wood panels and nail marks, but that was not necessary (I also experimented with different papers which you can tell if you look at the pictures).
2) Open up the frame and stick the straw in.  This is sort of a guessing game.  I reopened mine up a couple times to get just the right amount.
3) Place the vinyl Jesus onto the paper.  I just eyeballed it about an inch up from the bottom.
4) Put the text on the outside of the glass and put it back together.

5)Add the optional bow on top (I haven't decided if I like it or not) and you are done!

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