Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas Eve

Bob had to work on Christmas Eve so right when he got done we headed over to my parents house to celebrate.  They made a nice fire and we started out by doing a little Christmas Nativity play.  The kids all did really good except for Leon who did ok.  He just didn't feel like being a shepherd... more likely he wanted to run around and not stand still.  In the picture Bob is holding up the star.
After that we sang Away in a Manger and I played it on the piano.  We practiced it a ton before hand and I'm glad I could play it.    Then we ate a simple meal similar to the one Joseph and Mary might have eaten.  We had pita bread, fish, and fruit.
I love having a nice quiet Christmas Eve and taking that time to focus on the savior.
Bed time at grandma's house was like party time for the kids.  They were all sleeping in the same room and we had the hardest time actually getting them to sleep.  Leon was supposed to be in a pack and play but he realized he can climb right out.  It seemed like they would stay up and play for hours then pass out in some random spot.  Here is the picture I took one night.  A few times I went in and saw Tucker sleeping and everyone else all playing.  He is the sleepiest of my kids.