Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas Morning

We had a great Christmas morning at my parents house.  I was worried about bringing all our stuff so we just brought the stockings and two presents for each child.  It worked out perfectly.  They got up at about 8 and we went and opened our stockings.  The kids were thrilled with their dollar store presents!
Bob and I both got much neaded oven mitts in our stockings.  It was kinda funny.
Here I am opening up my new onsie footed pjs.  It is taking some getting used to having the feet on it.  But I like them.  They are so warm!
Scarlett got an Anna hat.
So of course Penelope got an Elsa hat.  I think she likes it even though Penelope informed me that the cold doesn't bother Elsa so she doesn't need a winter hat.

This next picture is from when we opened the rest of the presents at home.  Mostly they were gifts to each other.  It has been hard to keep up with each of them getting each other a present.  It is just tricky taking them to the store one at a time and helping them pick out the presents.  Maybe next year will plan it more secret santa style.  Our Rock'em Sock'em Robots game broke so I has happy to replace it.
Thanks everyone who got our family gifts!  The kids and even Bob and I are spoiled and got a ton.  Definitely more then we need, but they sure are fun!  Thanks again!

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