Monday, January 19, 2015

Cookie Time

One thing Bob likes to do with the kids is make cookies.  It might seem odd because Bob tries hard not to eat cookies, but he knows the kids love it so they probably do it about once a month.  When I saw them making cookies Saturday morning I took a couple pictures.

Above you can see the girls in the coveted countertop spot.  Every time I ever make anything in the kitchen the kids pull up chairs and fight over who can sit on the counter top and help.  I try to limit it to one child at a time so they always fight about it.  Scarlett is usually the first one to realized someone is cooking so more often then not it is her sitting alone on the counter top.
Tucker was very excited about cracking the eggs.  I think it might have been his first time doing it.

Here the are eating fresh out of the oven cookies.
I am so thankful for Bob.  He is a great dad and I just love it when I see him doing things with the kids.

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