Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Just me the the kiddos

Bob had to work on Sunday :(  I can't remember him every having to work on Sunday since he started working at the shipyard over 6 years ago.  But regardless I got to go to church by myself with the four kids.  I've gotten the kids ready for church by myself before.  I've even taken most of them to church by myself before.  But I think this is the first time since Leon was born that I took all four kids to church by myself.  And I just want to say that I love 11 o'clock church!  We had enough time to all get ready, take pictures and even watch a veggie tales show.

The worst part was during sacrament meeting but I think we did ok (not sure what the rest of the ward thought but who cares).  I didn't end up taking anyone out in the hall and no one got really hurt.
The girls got new purple dresses for Christmas (thanks Talitha).  And it just so happens that Leon also has a purple church outfit.  Tucker did feel a bit left out with the blue, but he has a few church shirts and I can't justify buying a new one just so they match each other.  Maybe I'll get lucky and see a size 8 purple church shirt at the thrift store.
We even had time to straighten Scarlett's hair.
This last picture was just supposed to be the girls but Leon had to photo bomb it.  Then of course he refused to stand next to Tucker for the "boys" picture, making Tucker seem even more left out.

I am so grateful for my kids!  They are so cute and sweet and fairly well behaved for their ages.  I am one lucky mom!


Liv said...

They are darling!

Wendy Sice said...

Oh gosh, they are all completely adorable!

Talitha said...

Your welcome, glad they fit. I'll keep my eye out for a purple shirt for Tucker too.