Thursday, February 5, 2015

Bike Ride

I didn't want to post it before hand but Bob was gone for almost the past week.  He and Leon went to visit his parents in Ohio.  So it has just been me, Tucker, Penelope, and Scarlett for the past little bit.  It was so strange to not have Leon here.  And every day when Tucker went to school felt like a girls day.  I decided to take advantage of Leon not being here and we went on a bike ride on Saturday morning.
We bundled up and went at about 9 am.  Scarlett wanted to do her scooter and I wore my roller blades.  It worked out well because when she got tired I just pushed her.
We took several rest stops.  The kids liked checking out the creek.

 There is a nice view at the top.  The kids were getting tired right before we made it to the end so I had to encourage them a bit.  But I'm glad that we were able to do the whole thing.  I think it is about a mile and a half each way but I didn't measure or any thing.  Most of the way out is up hill so the kids got tired, but going back was downhill so it was much faster and easier.
There were quit a few dogs on the path and Penelope and Scarlett are afraid of dogs.  I almost want to get one just so they can get used to them.  I saw this labradoodle that was beautiful and so now I want one of those.  I heard they are good dogs.  Does anyone know much about them?  Or where to get a dog?


Malachi and Layne said...

Malachi really wants a labradoodle, they are really good dogs! But Super expensive, like 2K or more and because they are hypoallergenic they have to be groomed every other month, like $80 each time.

Mary-Anne said...

If you get a dog, you should look at your local humane society. It's also a lot easier to get an older dog instead of a puppy because puppies are CRAZY and a LOT of work. All dogs are a lot of work, but older dogs are way more mellow. Just anything over a year old would be so much easier. I have loved having a dog, but it's also kind of annoying when you have little kids. After Jackson, we're not ever going to have a dog again. They're just too much work!