Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Donut Run

Every once in a while someone will bring in donuts or some other yummy treat to Bob's work.  Since I am totally jealous of the random delicious bakery surprise we have to make periodic donut runs to make up for the injustice.  This time we tried out this bakery in Manette.  Neither of us have been there but I heard it was good and Bob smells it every morning on his way to work.
We got up Saturday morning and piled everyone in the car for donuts!  The kids were excited, and even though I could have used ten more minutes to brush my teeth and get dressed, I had fun too.  Bob was a good sport considering he tries hard to never eat anything that has as many calories as a donut has.
The kids were cute all trading bite for bite with each other.  Leon was especially generous with his bites.
Although we all loved our donuts they didn't have a large selection and I still think it is worth it to make the trip out to Sluys for their options.


Gayle Daly said...

Larry & Kristy's? that's is where I always took Fred when he took donuts to work. They don't have a big selection.

Doranda said...

Yes, that was the name! I couldn't remember while writing the post.

Michael and Denise said...

I love their donuts. Were you able to try their blueberry fritter? It's delicious! If you go early in the morning, they usually have a better selection. Now I want some donuts.

DerrK said...

I just learned about this place a week or so ago and it's on our to do list. Now reading this, I want one now. :)