Thursday, March 5, 2015

Daddy Daughter Dance

On Saturday we headed over to my parents stake so Bob and the girls could crash their daddy daughter dance.  Our stake doesn't do one so when I heard that they were putting one on we headed down.  The girls were so excited and talked about it for at least a week.

We wanted to make it extra special so we tried a little harder on their hair and I put make up on them.  They kept saying that they look like moms.  It was cute.
Of course I had to take tons of pictures.  The girls didn't really want to and Bob was like, "just wait until you are older and going to a dance, then you really won't want mom taking all these pictures."
I love the pretty cherry blossom tree my parents have in their front yard.

I think my girls both look beautiful!

Bob took the girls out to Olive Garden.  They had a long wait, but he said they had fun.  The waitress was extra nice to them and the girls thought it was neat they got to go out with just dad.
After that they headed over to the dance.  Unfortunately I got the times wrong so they missed most of it :(  They had time for a few dances, to get pictures and a snack then it ended.  The last two songs of the dance were from Frozen so the girls loved that.
When they got home the girls were so excited they told me all about it.  Penelope really wanted to tell me about this dress she saw that she just looooved.  She said, "it had no straps or sleeves, not a one, and it was sooooooo beautiful."  I don't know what we are going to do when she gets older.

I didn't get any pictures but while they were gone we had a mother son night.  Tucker wanted pizza and pop so we went to the store and got all kinds of snacks.  It was nice to get spend some quality time with Tucker.  We went back to my moms and ate while we watched the Lego movie.  It was a fun night for everyone!


Liv said...

That looks so fun! And they got the most important stuff taken care of- dinner, time with dad, and pictures!

Jacquelyn said...

It is a flowering plum tree. They look great as always.

Mary-Anne said...

So cute!