Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Easter Activity

Last Friday was our ward Easter activity so we made rice crispy treats for the pot luck and headed over.  The dinner was delicious pulled pork sandwiches with sides and desserts.  After we ate they had activities for the kids.

The split them up for their ages so I went with Scarlett and Leon.  Bob was helping out in one of the rooms so Tucker and Penelope were on their own.  After it was done I didn't hear anything negative so I guess they did ok.

Here you can see them doing a cake walk.
There was also a craft station where they decorated a picture of an egg.  Other kids worked on a cut out of Jesus and a tomb, it was more complicated.  I knew Scarlett and Leon wouldn't be able to do it (without me actually doing most of it) so we went with the simple one.
And the last station was an Easter Egg hunt.  They were told to get 6 eggs and ran into the room.  I followed Leon and helped him because he didn't get it at first.  Scarlett was on her own and when I found her at the end she had about 20 eggs.  I laughed and helped her put the eggs back.
I'm glad that our ward puts on these activities.  I know they can be a lot of work, but they are so fun for the entire family.  I can't wait for Easter!

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