Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Family PIctures

I like to take cute pictures of the kids all dress up for Easter Sunday.  The year we did it one week early but I still took pictures anyway.  Magically we were all ready for church early and had time to snap a few pic in the street.  I wanted to wear my new dress so I told everyone to wear blue or teal or maybe pink.
I love the suspenders on Leon and Tucker but they always pull their pants up too high.  Is there some trick out there that I am missing?  How can I have my boys wear suspenders without them pulling their pants up to their belly buttons and making high waters?
Scarlett loves to get dressed up in church clothes...except for the tights.  Those are a struggle every week, not that she doesn't want to wear them, she just can't handle any bumps in them.
I love this dress on Penelope.  I wish she would wear it more often, but the girl has a ton of clothes and it seems like she never picks my favorite ones.
This picture of Tucker makes me laugh.  He is just so silly with the spiderman belt buckle and the bow tie, believe it or not this was his second outfit.  I made him change because he just looked way to silly in the other one.  It is probably the suspenders that were throwing everything off, which is my fault because I told him to wear them.
Yay, a picture with everyone smiling.  In the picture I took right before this it was pretty much the same except Leon's finger was in his nose.
And a goofy shot.

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Mary-Anne said...

Cute pictures! Happy Easter!