Wednesday, April 15, 2015


One great thing about where we live is that we don't get enough sunny days to take them for granted.  Whenever it is nice out the kids and I pretty much drop all our regular chores and play.  Homework, messy rooms, and dinner will be there later, but the sun usually doesn't stay out too long.
The kids really wanted popsucles but we didn't have any frozen.  Solution?... frozen gogurts!
And we found a little friend.
Tucker has taken to climbing trees.  It makes me nervous but I still let him because I feel like it is part of being a kid.  So far he hasn't gotten hurt.

Penelope is working on balancing in her bike and not relying on the training wheels.  Her bike is getting small and I think this summer we are going to move her to a bigger one without training wheels.
Look how high tucker is in this pic!  I got scared because the branch he was standing on broke and he was hanging for a second.  I'm just glad that I told him about a minute prior that he always has to hold on with two hands.  He is not allowed to go higher then that, but even that high scares me so I might lower the hight restriction a bit.

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Gayle Daly said...

I love these pictures. I can feel the sunshine!