Friday, May 15, 2015

4-year-old Scarlett

Scarlett is such a crazy little girl, it is amazing to me how big she looks in these pictures!
The time just flys by with her.  Probably because I am so busy taking care of her that I don't have time to realize what is going on.  When kids turn about one and a half or two they start getting into everything, then after 3 thats supposed to phase out, but that didn't happen with Scarlett.  She is still into everything but now she is louder, faster, smarter, and more capable of getting stuff.

For example, I just posted how I thought she was ready for a more grown up doll but I was wrong!  I went into her room yesterday and found her hiding her doll behind her back.  With further inspection I found red hair all over the floor!  Thankfully it was the dolls and not hers for the 10th time (It's finally grown back) but I was still not pleased.  She said that they hair was in her face so she had to cut it off.  She also had to cut a big whole in her leggings and favorite swimsuit.
Scarlett is usually a very happy girl, and when she isn't she is very upset.  She lives in the extremes and it is so cute to watch.  I love this age and all the funny things they say.  She is so curious and is always up for playing or doing anything.  She gets excited very easily and when I say something she likes she shouts "woot woot."  I really need to get a video of that.

Scarlett is not scared of my punishments and she will not clean her room for anything.  I can threaten anything to get her to clean her room and she just will not do it.  She has stayed in there for hours because she wont clean up.  I've offered popsicles or ice cream or playing outside and nothing works.  Actually I've had the most success telling her she can't eat dinner until she cleans, but I feel bad about that so I don't really do it.  I usually end up going in and doing it with her, but I get frustrated because she gets it ridiculously messes within hours.  She just tells me that "its so boring."

The main reason it gets so messy is because she loves clothes.  She changes multiple times a day and always puts on skirts or princess clothes.  She has about 7 pairs of jeans that she never wears and three skirts that she wears every day.  I put a child lock on her dresser but she figured out how to open it.  I even doubled it up and she can get through it no problem.

Scarlett gets along great with her siblings and plays well with all of them.  Of course they argue and get mad at each other too but all within the realm of normal.

Scarlett is very adventurous and a lot of the time we can get her to do stuff she doesn't want to because she doesn't think it through.  Or I'll tell Penelope to do something but she won't want to do it alone so Scarlett goes along with her.  She is a good sport about things like that and I think she would go alone if I didn't already ask Penelope to.

As far as I know she does great in her Sunbeam class at church and she never had a problem going without me.  I think she will be just fine when she starts preschool in the fall.
Scarlett weighs 38lbs which puts her in the 73% and one pound less than Penelope.  She is 40 inches tall which is the 57% and I'm not sure exactly but she is about an inch or two shorter than Penelope.  She has a nice size belly and it always sticks out of her shirts.  She needs to be in the same size as Penelope but we haven't figured out how to do that yet.

At the doctor she got shots and she was so brave and she didn't even cry.  It was amazing.  They told her what was going to happen and she was just fine about it.  After the shots she said it hurt and whined a bit but it wasn't bad.  

I'm happy I get to be her mom!

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Gayle Daly said...

I wish I knew the magical solution to get her to clean her room for you. sounds like you have tried everything. Guess there is always something that could be worse. :)