Friday, May 1, 2015


Our gutters have had issues since we moved in almost 7 years ago.  They rusted through and have been leaking.  Bob patched them several times but since we are fixing up the outside of the house we decided to just go for it and buy new gutters.  I was reluctant because to me new gutters isn't a selling point or something people look for when buying a house.  It doesn't up the value and they are not cheap.  It needed to be done sooner or later so we went ahead and just did it.  Here is a nice shot of a rusted through spot.
I called about 6 gutter companies to get prices and all of them charged more to remove the gutters.  Bob took them off in about half an hour and saved us about $150 bucks.  It was no problem for him at all and I found a local place who will take the old gutters for free.  All we have to do it haul them away and we will be done with it.
On Wednesday two guys came out and put up the new gutters.  Bob looked into doing it himself but he couldn't find a good way to get the gutters to our house for cheap.  We went ahead and hired a company.  The guys brought a few things and worked out side for a couple hours.  My kids thought it was fun to spy on them through the windows. They kept knocking on the windows and then running and hiding when the gutter people looked.  The gutters should last about 30 years and hopefully we will be long gone by then.
I can't say I'm super excited about the gutters, it just isn't something I ever think about.  I am happy that we are getting stuff done and fixing up the look of our house.  The next project will probably be the mulch.


Liv said...

I know it's not exciting, but the first house my husband and I bought didn't have gutters. It was SUCH a pain every time it rained! The runoff from the roof would ruin my flower beds around the perimeter of the house, and every time I went out back in the rain, I got drenched just from the drips over the back door.
After a few years, a big wind storm ruined our roof and insurance paid for a new one, WITH GUTTERS. It was so awesome :)

Gayle said...

While not exciting, it's definitely an important feature in the NW and it does look nice. Like lace on a dress. A really nice finish. It's the little things that make a difference. Like mulch! Absolutely!!!

Rolando Ramirez said...

I've always thought of things like new gutters as something that would make me consider living in a home for a very long time. You should think about finding a local crew that addresses all types of little (and big) things around the house. When I clean gutters, I also remember things like vents, the furnace, and our secondary freezers. We hired a crew that takes care of everything in one visit.

Rolando Ramirez @ Aardvark Dryer Vent