Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day

I love my kids and feel truly blessed to have four amazing children!  Yes they make my life hard and messy and busy but they are also so sweet and fun and bring so much joy.  They have changed me in so many ways and I just couldn't be happier to be their mom!
In the morning they made cinnamon rolls and brought me breakfast in bread along with all their cards.
 I could tell they worked really hard on them and Bob even said that he was going to take them to the store to get stuff once they finished but they just kept working they ran out of time.  It is nice to think about them making these for me and how hard they worked.  Scarlett hers is a picture of me when I was a baby.  Penelope lost her picture and was so upset she worked really hard to quickly make me a new one.  Leon couldn't wait until mothers day and he gave it to me with a big smile on Saturday after he finished making it.
 Tucker made me several cards including a few pop ups.  And he wrote me a letter.  It says,

Dear Mom,

you are very special to me.  You tought me how to walk.  You took me to Lago Land.  You read me the belly book,  You comforted me when I was scard.  You showed me how to ride my bike.  Thank you for lating me to go birthday partes.  Thank you for playing with me.  I love you so much.  You are the bast.  you look buootuf when you stad up tall and smill. you are really good mom I love you.

Love tucker
Bob was really sweet too and special ordered me 8 bags of mint m&ms, they usually only make them at Christmas time.  He also took care of the kids and cleaned the house all day giving me a nice break.  

And that was pretty much my day.

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