Monday, June 15, 2015

eShakti Givaway

I have a few eshakti pieces in my closet already so when I found out about the $35 off coupon code I was thrilled.  That's right they are giving away a $35 coupon code to all my readers just use
 WATCHOUTFORTHEWOESTMANS when you check out and you will get the discount!  You have to be fast though because it ends on June 21st.  They have several items for only $39 meaning you can get things for $4 dollars.  Plus several clearance itms for under $35.  It is such an amazing deal!  Everyone go check it out.  Seriously everyone should be on the site picking something out now.

 eShakti has updated their website and it looks amazing!  They've also added lots of new items including popular bohemian styles and the wide leg palazzo pants that I love.  They have several different jumpsuits and I think I'll get one with my discount.  I don't have any jumpsuits and am dying to try one out.

Probably my favorite thing about eShakti is still that everything is customizable.  In the pictures to the left some of them don't have sleeves, and the shorts are too short for me to wear.  But on most of them you can customize the clothes to have sleeves.  On the shorts you can even choose the length to make them longer.  It is amazing!

Even while making this post I keep clicking over to their site looking at all their clothes.  I could spend hours picking things out.  Ok, I'm done now, I was just excited about the deal and wanted to share!

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Liv said...

Thanks for this! I just ordered a couple of tops with this discount.