Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Shrek the Musical

Just before my trip to Alaska I got to go on a field trip with Tucker.  We went and saw Shrek the Musical.  I don't really like the movie Shrek but I have to say the kids did an amazing job.  It was almost 2 hours long and all the actors were between the ages of 5 and 18.  Watching it kind of made me want to put my kids in the program.  They said no child is turned away.  Maybe when they are a bit older we will give it a shot.  I'm sure it is very time consuming.
This was the first field trip I got to go on with Tucker this year and I'm glad I got to go because it was their last.  He wanted dad to go but I told him that Bob got to go on the last one so it was my turn.  I thought all the 2nd graders did a really good job sitting quietly throughout the entire play.
We took a selfie, and apparently 2nd graders love to photobomb!  I went on a few class trips before with Tucker but this was my first time on the bus with him.  It was pretty loud and crazy.  
I feel pretty lucky that I get to be involved as much as possible into Tucker's school life.

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