Friday, July 31, 2015

Green Mountain Hike

At least once a summer we like to take the kids up to green mountain and do Gold Creek Trail.  I think it is about 5 miles round trip and pretty fun for kids.  I would say anyone 5 and up can do it pretty well.  Scarlett managed it but was very worn out toward the end.  Below is a picture of Tucker with some of his cousins.  My dad brought his walkie talkies and the kids all loved playing with them.
I borrowed a friends child carrier and thought I was going to carry Leon up the entire way.  I've never actually worn one of these backpack carriers and it was much harder than I thought!!!  Way harder than when I carried Leon up the same hike two years ago in a baby carrier.  My brother ended up carrying him most of the way up.  Bob had to work and didn't go with us on the hike.
We packed a lunch and ate at the top.  Here you can see our crew.  My dad is at the back and two of my brothers came and one of their families.  The kids love it when they get to play with their cousins.
The view at the top was beautiful.  We could see Bremerton and all the way to Seattle.
This time there wasn't even snakes and flys around the top like there were last year.
After we rested and played we headed back down.  This time I carried Leon.  He almost tipped me over a couple times because I was already off balance heading down and he kept leaning to the side trying to touch the trees.
There is Penelope caring our water pack. I figured that if I was carrying Leon they had to help out and carry the water.  It ended up being something for them to fight over the whole time.   Who knew that carrying the water was such an honor?
And one last selfie of me and the kids at the top.
Overall it was a great trip.  The only thing that would have made it better is if Bob could have came.

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Gayle Daly said...

I am continually amazed at all you do with your children and you never complain. You make everything positive. Good for you Doranda!