Monday, August 31, 2015

Save the Last Dance

The girls had their last day of dance lat week.  For the past two sessions the've been doing a tap ballet combo class and even though they loved it it was time to be done.  Penelope was getting a little bored with it and now I think they would prefer to stay home and play then spend the time getting ready for dance.  The timing was perfect to stop anyway because Penelope will start school and Scarlett preschool in a week and a half.
I think their classes were so cute and I love their outfits.  I have a feeling that they will continue to dress up in them even though class is over.  Especially Scarlett who changes three times a day and always into a skirt or dress.
Honestly the hardest part of the class for me was entertaining Leon for 45 minutes.  He figured out that he can get a ball and try to pass it to me throw it at me when I'm not looking during the whole class and laugh histerically at my reaction.  I'm sure the other parents loved it too when the ball kept rolling into them.  Leon did think it was great.

I'm glad that I got this change to take my little girls to dance class.  It one of those things that I always pictured myself doing as a mom.  Do I think my girls are now great dancers because of the year of ballet? no.  But we did it more for the experience then for them to learn a skill.   Maybe when their older they will take more serious dance classes and maybe not.  But for the past year I got to be the mom with the two little princesses in tutus and tap shoes and I loved it!

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