Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Hot Air Balloon Ride

For our ninth anniversary Bob and I went on a hot air balloon ride!  I've always wanted to go so it was very sweet of Bob to remember and get us the tickets.  We had to be in Woodenville at six am so my sister watched the kids all night for us and we slept in a hotel.  Even that was a treat because we have never been in a hotel together without kids since our honeymoon.  Thanks, Talitha.
We met the group at a McDonalds where they were letting off regular balloons into the air to judge where our starting point should be.  After they figured that out we headed to a field where they filled up the balloon.  It was so huge up close!  I had no idea how really gigantic they are.

We took a sunrise ride and the balloon was filling up just as the sun came over the horizon.
I was the last person on because I was trying to get pictures while everyone else was loading up.  There were eight people and the balloon operator.

We were pretty packed in.  But the basket was separated on the inside so we weren't bumping into each other.
I wasn't sure how cold it would be because six in the morning can be pretty cold but they said we might want to wear a hat because of the heat from the fire.  My jacket seemed just about right.  I had a hat but didn't end up wearing it.  The fire was warm but not to bad.
I took so many great pictures I couldn't fit them into one post.  Look back tomorrow for the rest!

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DerrK said...

That's so neat! I didn't realize how big the balloons were either. Wow!