Wednesday, October 14, 2015


My kids all love to play on Bob's tablet.  We try to limit screen time as much as possible but sometimes it is so convenient to just hand them the tablet or sit them in front of the tv when I need them to be quiet for a bit.  I really think my son would sit in front of a tv for days straight just staring if we let him.  That is why I love toys that get them up and moving.  This new toy called the Swingy does both.  It utilizes these two balance boards to play apps.  We got to try it out the other day and it really was fun.
The swingy is so sleek and pretty yet very solid for kids.  I love how they wirelessly connect through bluetooth so you don't have to worry about cords.  The game on the tablet is really a lot of fun.  I can see myself getting addicted very quickly.
The Swingy has been shown to improve balance, strengthen core muscles, and enhance coordination and reflexes.  Tucker just loves that he gets to play a game on the tablet.
Leon even wanted to take his turn.  The game was honestly too hard for him, I think it is geared more toward 4 and up, but that didn't stop him.  He loved to just stand on them and watch the ball bounce around on the tablet.  One cool thing is that they are wider on the bottom so they really don't tip over sideways easily like you might expect.
Below is a video they made showing the Swingy in action.

Right now this is a very new toy, the kickstarter just went live today! Go check it out! 

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Talitha said...

Those look fun, I clicked on the link and they don't even look like they're available yet...Awesome you already got them!