Monday, November 9, 2015

Tiny Shoppers

On halloween we needed to make a quick stop at target before we went trick-or-treating.
They had four of these cute little carts so each kid grabbed on.  I remember using them when I was a kid but haven't seen them around in the stores we usually go to for my  kids to enjoy.
They were so cute and the kids were having a blast!  They thought it was so fun to have their own carts.  But it was probably the craziest shopping trip ever.  They were already hyped up and drawing a lot of attention because of the costumes.  Leon and Scarlett hit me and bob in the ankles several times and Leon managed to tip his cart over two times (yes, he had groceries in it).

It was fun, and if we had only one child would have been much more manageable.  Maybe it isn't such a bad thing that our stores don't have them out for kids to use.


Queen In Between said...

What cuties! I had a Dorothy this Halloween too.

Sarah said...

Those carts are my worst nightmare! Elly always used to use them but after several tips and ankle hits I now limit her to using them like once a month 😊 but your kids look so cute in their costumes pushing them!