Friday, December 11, 2015

Old Town

Our kids love the historic Old Town San Diego and it is one of the few places they remember going to three years ago when we came last time.
The main attraction there for us is the Mormon Battalion site, they just love it there.

They show a fun movie where the picture frames talk and we move from room to room learning about the battalion.  Here the family is waiting to start.  Penelope jumped pretty big when the people in the frames started talking.

Leon was being cute because he kept putting his arm around Penelope and giving her kisses.

Here is Tucker all ready for battle.  Go here to see him dressed up 3 years ago (Penelope looks so cute too)!

After the show we got to pan for gold.

We also walked around through the shops and ate Mexican food.  The kids climbed on this huge tree.  I thought the tree was pretty cool.

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