Tuesday, April 19, 2016

100 Day

 I think it was back in Febrary that Penelope had her 100th Day of school.  My kids love this day so I wanted to post about it.  We joked with Penelope that she missed so much school that it wasn't actually her 100th day and they weren't going to let her do anything fun.  She knew we were kidding though.  Telling her how fun the 100th day is was actually one of the ways we convinced her she should go back to school.  

When we first walked Penelope to class the door was blocked by a giant 100 cut out of butcher paper and the kids had to crawl through one of the 0s.  I wasn't there at school, but I know they made crowns, ate 100 snacks, make necklaces out of 100 fruit loops, and did things 100 times (like jump up and down).
She was excited to tell me all about it when I got her after school.

Tucker on the other hand wondered when our 100th day of homeschool was.  I wasn't planing on doing anything but Tucker reminded me that I said we would do something fun.  I probably told him that a long time ago when we were first deciding if we should homeschool or not.  So mysteriously our 100th day of homeschool didn't happen for a couple more weeks... It wasn't like Tucker was counting.

Tucker started by writing a paper titled "When I Am 100 Years Old."  And drawing a picture of himself at that age.
 The paper says "When I am 100 I will skate board to the pizza place.  Sometimes I will watch star war on the tv. I will also go to sleep on the couch, in my house, in the woods alone.  I will be happy when I am 100."
Tucker also had to count out and make something out of 100 legos and write a paper called "Things I've Been Told 100 Times."  He wrote "Don't talk back, go to time out, stop playing on the computer, get your school book out, nice shirt, and good job."

My favorite was drawing the 100 year old people.  I also drew myself, but didn't get a picture of it.  Tucker got frustrated with me because I kept having him fix things on his picture to make it look better.  

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