Friday, April 22, 2016

Pool Time

We got out the kiddie pool two days in a row now and the kids are in heaven!  They have a blast playing in 6 inches of water.  It's pretty nice for me too.  I just sit back in my chair and the shade and relax while I watch them.  For some reason they were raking the water.  They also had the sprinkler going into the pool and my favorite, the slide into the pool.  With water that shallow I feel like the landing would hurt their bums, but all they do is laugh.
Tucker was disappointed that he didn't get to play in the pool on this day.  But he needed to go grocery shopping with Bob to get the food for the meals he planned to pass off something for scouts.  He was happy to play with them in the pool the next day.

These videos are after they have been playing for a while and  Leon is getting grumpy.  I also feel like I should clarify that when they are calling Leon a baby it isn't because they are teasing him, it is because they are playing house and Scarlett always wants to be the Mom and Leon be the baby.  Leon isn't that into it at the moment and just wants the rake.

Am I the only mom that thinks crying toddlers are cute?

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Gayle Daly said...

I would say Leon's sad is pretty cute!