Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Random Pictures

This is sort of a random post but I took most of these off my phone and wanted to share.  A lot of these I've already posted on my instagram page, so follow me on there if you want more random pictures.

Scarlett came downstairs all decked out for preschool the other day and I had to take a pic.

Although I'd take cold stone over frozen yogurt any day but I seem to eat froyo way more often.  Probably because my friends and family always want it.  Heres a pic of a recent creation.

Floor hockey has been a blast.  Every Thrusday night since I've gotten home I've been playing indoor floor hockey with other ladies at church.  It is such a great cardio work out and so much fun.

Scarlett cut Leon's hair!  I can hardly believe it.  She cut her own hair and her dolls hair so many time she knows she isn't supposed to.  It has been a while since she cut anyones hair and I thought she was finally past it.  Not only did she cut Leon's hair but her bed sheet, a canvas bag and a skirt.  This time we made her give us all her money (almost $2) to help pay for the damage.  She was devastated, and I felt bad taking the money.

The kids have been really into the apple slicer lately.  It is kind of cool how it peels them and spiral cuts them.  Just a little annoying because it makes more of a mess then if they would just bite the apple without cutting it.

The next picture is from a little boat launch area.  It is less than a mile away from my house and so pretty.  I run past it quit regularly but I never bring the kids.  I think I am going to bring them more and just let them throw rocks in the water or something.  We live in such a pretty area I need to take advantage of it more.
Thats my random post for the day.

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