Thursday, April 28, 2016

Temple Trip

My Grandma Swift passed away a little over a year ago without ever joining the church.  Meaning she was never baptized and I got the chance to do a proxy baptism for her on Saturday.  In our church we believe that we can do proxy baptisms for people who died without being baptized, and then they have the choice up in heaven if they want to accept that for themselves or not.  So I was baptized in the Temple and when they did it they said my Grandmother's name.  

It was a really special day and I was excited to do it.  Her name was Dora and she was one of the people I was named after.  I even wore her ring for the occasion.

This was also my first time using my new suitcase.  The buckles were a little tough to use because they were so old I felt like they were going to pop open and all my stuff would fall out any minute but they held up.

While finishing up I was surprised to run into one of my college roommates.  She was there because her sister was getting married. Seems like a great day for everyone.

I love the temple.  It is such a beautiful peaceful place.  And the fact that we get to be with our families forever is one of the best blessings we can be given.


Gayle Daly said...

Love you grandmother's ring. I have my great grandmother's ring that her husband made for her. He was a dentist. I will have to take a picture and post it sometime. I love wearing it. I only wear it on Sunday's and for special events. I'm glad you were able to be baptized for her.

Grammy Goodwill said...

Have you been baptized as well? I'm curious. Did you ask to be her proxy? Thank you.