Friday, April 15, 2016

Tucker's Book

Tucker published a book!  He worked really hard and wrote a book called "Flying on Friday."  If you are familiar with the Magic Tree House books it is the same style as those, but the characters are Tucker and Penelope.  It was a great learning experience for him because in the book Tucker and Penelope travel back to the time of the first plane flight.  Tucker read several books about the Wright brothers as he researched for his book.

They even put it in the library!

This is so exciting for him, it was kind of our big homeschool project for the year.  I'm thinking he should do it again every year.
Its for sale on Amazon! Check it out here.   Tucker gets $2 straight into his savings account if anyone buys it.
Here is a sample of the first page.
I love reading and the library.  We try to go every week.  The kids love picking out new books.

On Thursdays they can read to a dog.  Scarlett really wanted to do it, but she can't read so I sat there and read to her and the dog while she held the book and sat next to the dog.  Aren't they cute?  I have no idea why Scarlett is missing a shoe, but I'm pretty sure she had both shoes when went in and out of the library.  Scarlett wants to know how to read, but I haven't even taught her her letters.  We will work on it this summer.
I hope that all my kids grow up to love reading like I do.


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