Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Pretty Trees

I love when my front yard trees bloom.  The don't last for long so I always make sure to go out and take pictures with them at least one time.  The kids were funny for this next picture.  I told the girls to kiss Leon on the cheek.  They both went to do it when Tucker shouted "No don't do it!"  The Penelope hesitated and I told her to do it.  I guess they are getting older so Tucker now things kissing is gross and Penelope is on the fence about it.

I didn't get as many pictures of them but the lilacs are probably my favorite!  They smell so good.  I love that whenever the wind blows and the windows are open I can smell them in my house.  I hope I have lilac trees in my yard wherever I live next.

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Mary-Anne said...

Our trees only had the pretty colorful blooms on them for about 4 days! I was so sad. And I LOVE lilacs! We don't have any yet...but I told Nathanael I wanted a lilac tree for Mother's Day ... so we'll see. Ha! If not I may just go buy one. :) I love them!