Thursday, May 19, 2016

Scarlett's Birthday Pictures

Scarlett had a birthday and is now five!  My sister curled her hair and then we went to a nursery to take pictures.  She loved the attention and getting her hair done.

If I were to describe Scarlett in one word it would be enthusiastic!  She is very animated and excited about everything.  Even when she doesn't want to do something she is not afraid to let you know.  It usually isn't too hard to change her mind though.  Scarlett is rarely on the fence or undecided about something.  Normally she is up for anything.  But for some reason if she doesn't want something she has no problem crying or being upset about it for a few minutes and then the instant she tries it if she changes her mind she will instantly smile and say she likes it.   She isn't embarrassed at all about throwing fits and then changing her mind.  

Scarlett loves to eat!  She is probably our least picky eater and is always hungry.  It is cute because she also likes to please us so when Tucker is complaining about the food she will make a big deal about how she isn't complaining.  "Mom I loooove this food!"  

Scarlett can be very emotional.  When she gets tired or upset then it seems like the smallest things can set her off.  She also gets very excited about things.  When she is waiting for something to happen, like her birthday, she will keep asking how many more days, and tell me "I just can't wait!"

Scarlett is so excited to be a mom.  She has even come to me crying because she just wants to be a mom so bad and she says it is going to take a long time before she is a mom...(pause for tears).  She can be very dramatic.  She even told me that one of the reasons she wants to be a mom is because she knows I'm the tooth fairy and she wants to be the tooth fairy too.

Scarlett is really good at playing.  She can entertain herself for hours without me.  The downside to that is she always destroys her room and has a very hard time cleaning it up.  If I tell her she can't come out until she cleans up she will stay in for hours without lifting a finger.  Food bribes are the only thing that really get her to clean up.
Scarlett is a great sister.  She has normal sibling tiffs but all in all she plays pretty well with both Penelope and Leon.  Tucker seems to do his own thing a bit more so when all the kids are playing she normally pairs up with Leon.  She doesn't like Tucker telling her what to play.  But often she has come crying to me because people don't want to play what she wants.  She would rather be the older one playing and telling others how and what to play.
I love Scarlett and am so happy she is in our family! 

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Gayle Daly said...

I love your birthday posts of your children. What great journaling for your family. what a darling little beauty. It's wonderful that she wants to be a Mom. I'm sure she wants to be a reflection of you besides being the Tooth Fairy!