Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Fishing Day

Bob took the kids to a local lake where they had a fishing day set up.  All the kids who signed up got a helper and they each caught a fish.  They even got a shirt and to keep their fishing pole.  This was our fist year participating but the kids all really liked it.  We will probably do it again.  Leon wasn't old enough and he was pretty sad about that.  I've known about it for a few years now but this was the first year that the date worked for us.  I'm not really big into fishing, but I want my kids to have that experience so it worked out perfectly.

This next picture grosses me out.  I would not hold the fish like that but I guess the told him to.
Bob even cooke the fish and they all ate them.  Fishing is a pretty good survival skill to have.

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