Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Duck Tour

Grandma and Grandpa Woestman came out to visit us and this time we toured Seattle a little bit.  Bob's parents are pretty used to riding the ferry to and from the airport by now but the kids were excited to go on.  
It is always so windy outside on the ferry but it is fun to see the Seattle skyline getting closer and closer.

While downtown we went to the farmers market.  It might have just been me but it seemed extra crowded, especially for a Thursday.

We mostly just looked around but made one stop at my favorite Pikes Place donut stand.  They were delicious like always.

I heard the recently cleaned off the gum wall, something about the gum eating away at the brick, so I wasn't sure how full of gum it would be.  It wasn't as full as before but pretty saturated with gum.
Leon wanted a picture with BB8
There is a new playground over by the space needle that is pretty cool.  We didn't have a lot of time to play, in fact Tucker is the only one who made it up to go down the slide.  But I'll have to remember to plan more time for the kids to play next time.  It was a good break for them.

Our main reason for going to Seattle was to Ride the Ducks.  They have these buses that can drive right into the water and turn into a boat.  They are called the Ducks.  It was a 90 minute downtown Seattle tour with about 30 minutes in the water.  I thought it was fun.  Definitely one of the most family friendly tours in Seattle.  They played music and the guide wore funny hats and kept telling cheesy jokes the whole time.  I think everyone enjoyed it.

The weather was amazing!  I think it was upper 70s and sunny.  It felt great.  

These pictures are from the ferry ride home.

Like father like son :)
After we got home we started to getting ready for a relief society activity that was at my house that night.  It was a busy but fun day!  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for coming to visit!


Sister Swift said...

Break? not "bread"

Gayle Daly said...

I will never get over how absolutely gorgeous it is there. It's just breathtaking.