Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Stanley Park Vancouver BC

Stanley park in Vancouver BC is huge!  The first thing we did while there was ride this little train around.  Once we got on we realized that it was more for kids.  I saw a few other adults who were on it without kids but they probably felt weird about it too.  It was definitely a kiddy ride.    
After that we got on our roller blades and started going around.  I am not very good at using the breaks on the roller blades and we started out going down hill by the road.  I guess I was scaring Bob with my lack of being able to break without just going on the grass and he thought it best if we put our shoes back on and walked a bit.   Once we got back onto level or uphill ground it was fine.
 The park had an amazing view of downtown.

After rollerblading for a while we put our shoes on and ate dinner.  I forgot the restaurant name but it was one of the ones right in the park and I thought it was good.  The dessert was a bit of a disappointment but that is ok.  After dinner we walked around the park a little bit and then headed to the Theatre Under the Stars for West Side Story.
This was our first outdoor play and I loved it.  The weather was perfect and it was neat looking up and seeing the stars.  I thought I knew the story pretty well and I did.  But while watching it I realized I've never actually seen it before.  I studied it in one of my dance classes in college so I was pretty familiar with all the dances.  I also know the general story from Romeo and Juliet.  After about the first 15 minutes it was clear to me that I haven't actually seen the play or entire movie before.  I liked it.
 I pulled these pictures off their website.
While researching for this play I found out about the Kitsap outdoor theatre!  I heard whisperings of it before but never actually heard someone who's been to it or knows much about it.  I have no time to check it out this summer but hopefully next year I will be able to go.


Jacquelyn said...
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jules said...

You're in my 'hood! So glad you're having a good time & that the weather is cooperating!

xo Jules