Friday, August 19, 2016

Vancouver Trip Grandville Island

While Bob's parents were here Bob and I celebrated our 10th anniversary and my birthday.  His parents we kind enough to babysit so we could go to Vancouver BC for a couple days.  I've been to Canada as a kid but I barely remember it.  I think this was Bob's first time.

Driving across the border itself was exciting.  Aside from the long wait and us getting the slowest line it was kind of exciting.  Are they going to ask for our registration because we can't find it?  Why are they talking so long to that motorcycle guy?  When we pulled up the guy quickly asked Bob questions about where we are from and what we have in the car.  I think Bob was surprised about the questions because he kind of froze and I had to answer a few questions from the passenger seat.
Welcome to CAMADA.  I have instantly have no idea how fast we should drive and what that street sign means.

We couldn't check into our hotel yet so we headed over to Grandville Island.  I few friends recommended this and I'm really glad we went.  It was one of our favorite activities.
Got food from the market and ate lunch on the water.  Well, half of lunch.  A seagull flew right up and grabbed a piece of my chicken off my plate.  It freaked me out so bad we had to go inside to eat... and I couldn't eat anything off that side of my plate, I was worried he got bird germs all over my food.
The market was pretty cool and very crowded.  At one point I was worried I wouldn't be able to find Bob.  He went to the bathroom, which was up ahead to the left and I said I would meet him there in a minute.  But when I walked over there was a sign on the bathroom saying it was closed.  Normally I wouldn't worry but we couldn't use our phones and I had no idea where he went.  I eventually found another bathroom and just waited there for about 5 minutes hoping he would come out.  He did :)

We both got a few treats.  Mine was delicious, Bob's granola was pretty good too.  After a about 45 minutes though I was starting to feel claustrophobic and wanted out of the public market building.
So we walked around and checked out the shops on the streets.  I thought this book looked funny.
These towers were pretty cool.  We only had one hour parking, but when we went back to our car at almost an hour we saw the guy coming.  But then we realized that he was only taking down the information for the first time, so we got away with another hour.  It saved us from trying to move our car to another spot.
I like watching street performers.  He was entertaining, although I wonder about how these people make their living.  I wouldn't be happy if my children grew up and told me they were street performers for a career.

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Gayle Daly said...

I love seeing the wonderful things you and bob do together. It's just great!!!