Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Gorilla Size?

We've been to the Safari Park a few times recently But this was Bob's first time in a while.  We usually go during the week in the mornings when it is nice and empty but because Bob has to work we needed to go on a Saturday.  I thought it might be crowded, but it wasn't.  Just a few more people than we are used to but not many.

We always try to get there right when it opens at 9 giving us an hour to check things out before the first tram ride at 10.
When you ride the tram they act like you are going in to different countries.  So here is Scarlett looking out the window in South Africa.
Tucker thought this next picture was funny.  I didn't notice the upside down sign but Tucker knew what it was all about.  he was trying to put his arms straight up in the air for the picture but I thought he was just being weird so I made him put them down.  Then after the told me that you have to flip the picture so his arms should have been up to make it look right after the picture flipped.  Haha.  Sometimes the kids are smarter than me.

This time we went to the tiger keeper talk.  It was our first time doing that and we got to see the tiger eat.  Leon loves lions and tigers and Tucker read a book that told him zoos feed some animals blood popsicles and he has been waiting to see it in real life.  This was extra exciting for them.

For homeschool we did a unit on Gorillas.  We read "The One and Only Ivan," along with other non fiction books.  I like to see the animals we learn about in person.  Here is Tucker in front of a silverback.
It was time to eat when we arrived and they gorillas were pretty active.  It was fun to watch.
They had this wall where you could stand and see how you measure up.  I thought it was cool that Bob was the same exact height as the gorilla.  You can see that the gorilla obviously weighs a lot more and has much longer arms.  I don't think Bob liked it when the kids and I kept talking about how Dad is the same size as a silverback gorilla.

One thing I learned this time at the park is that a group of flamingos is called a flamboyance.  So we saw a flamboyance of flamingos.

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